Reese’s “Not Sorry” Halloween

Directed by: Crobin

Pop-Tarts Crisps: Hoverbike

Directed by: Crobin

Pop-Tarts Crisps: Birthday Presents

Directed by: Crobin

Square: Dreams Series Feature Exit 12

Directed by: Mo Gorjestani

Citi Bank Double Cash Card & The Mets

Directed by: Peter Matkiwsky


Citizen Science PSA for the Audobon Society

Directed by: Nathan Williams





Chanel No 5: The One That I Want

Stylists: Catherine Martin & Robert Molnar

Directed by Baz Luhrmann

Featuring: Gisele Bundchen & Michiel Huisman


Check out Whitney (briefly) at ~3:30 in "The Director" behind the scenes:


Check out Whitney (briefly) at ~1:40 in "The Cast" behind the scenes:


Toyota Mirai: Fueled By the Future

Stylist: Robert Molnar

Featuring: Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd



Mastercard & Intercontinental Hotel NYC:

Watch Your Priceless Surprises Come To Life

Stylist: Robert Molnar


Cadiallac ATS Coupe: Irresistable

Stylist: Robert Molnar

Directed by: Tarsem

Featuring: Stephen Merchant