Broken Night

Virtual Reality Short Film

Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Arcade 2017 

Tribeca Film Festival Sets 2017 Lineup of VR and Interactive Titles (Variety)


“Broken Night”
Project Creator: Alon Benari, Tal Zubalsky, Alex Vlack
Key Collaborators: Eko, Hidden Content, Real Motion VFX
Broken Night explores a woman’s (Emily Mortimer) unreliable narrative of an intense trauma. Speaking to a detective, her confused memories unfold: returning home in the midst of a fight with her husband (Alessandro Nivola), they encounter an intruder. The viewer is placed in a position of choosing which memories to follow, sharing her confusion before coming to the startling truth. (World Premiere)



Alon Benari


Alex Vlack



Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, Michael Nathanson, Josh Green



Jacob Wasserman, Kimberly Parker & Hidden Content

Director of Photography:

Adam Donald


Art Direction:

David Cherof